Police Report

September 20 – September 26

The following are some of the files that were opened with the Winkler Police Service during this time period.

September 20 – Police received a complaint regarding the driver of a vehicle who was believed to be impaired. While on patrol, police observed the suspect vehicle and proceeded to conduct a traffic stop. Upon speaking with the driver, he exhibited signs of impairment and police observed an open can of beer in the console. The driver complied to a demand for a breath sample, which resulted in a “Fail” reading, and it was determined that he would be released by way of an Immediate Roadside Prohibition. He was transported to the Winkler Police Service and lodged until sober under the Intoxicated Persons Detention Act. Before being released he was served an Immediate Roadside Prohibition for Alcohol, which carried a 90-day driver’s licence suspension and $700 fine, and tickets for Driving an unregistered vehicle ($298) and As a driver, carrying liquor in a vehicle ($237). His vehicle was also impounded for 30 days.

A female advised that she was meeting a male at a local convenience store the following morning regarding a Reader’s Digest $10,000 sweepstakes that she won, and further advised that she had entered such a contest. Police cautioned the female that this sounded like a scam, and she later advised that she had confirmed with Reader’s Digest that it was a scam.

September 22 – Police were dispatched to the intersection of 1st Street and Norquay Drive regarding a two-vehicle accident. Police learned the driver of a northbound vehicle proceeded to make a left-hand turn and was struck by a southbound vehicle. The driver of the northbound vehicle was issued a ticket for Proceeding before it is safe to do so, which carries a $174 fine. No injuries were reported at the time of the accident.

September 24 – A resident of Mountain Avenue reported an animal in his backyard, and upon arrival police determined the animal to be a coyote. The by-law officer attended, caught the coyote, and removed it from the yard.

September 25 – Police were dispatched the report of a fire at a residence. While on scene, there was a large gathering of spectators in the area. Police would like to remind the public to avoid areas of active situations such as this out of respect for the homeowners and to allow emergency personnel proper access to the site.

September 26 – While conducting a checkstop, police noted the odour of liquor coming from inside one of the stopped vehicles. Police confirmed the driver was sober, and observed one of the passengers to be exhibiting signs of impairment by drugs. Police confirmed the male was on a condition to abstain from the consumption of alcohol, marihuana, or any intoxicating substances. He was subsequently arrested, at which time two baggies of cocaine were located, along with two suspected opioid tablets. He was charged with Failing to Comply with an Undertaking and Possession of a Schedule I Substance (x2), and later released on an Undertaking.

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