Police Report

November 15 – November 21

The following are some of the files that were opened with the Winkler Police Service during this time period.

November 15 – While on patrol, an officer’s Automated Licence Plate Reader notified police of an unregistered vehicle and a traffic stop was conducted. The driver provided a valid registration certificate for the vehicle, but the certificate showed a different licence plate number than what was displayed on the vehicle. The driver explained that the vehicle was recently purchased and registered in her husband’s name, but they had not yet attached the new licence plates. A ticket was issued for Failing to display the correct number plate, which carries a fine of $113.

While at a local store regarding an unrelated complaint, police recognized a male leaving the store who was a suspect in an ongoing theft investigation from several weeks earlier. The male quickly disappeared once outside on the parking lot, but police located his vehicle parked at a nearby store. The male was observed by police inside the store, but he was able to flee down another aisle, at which time police were alerted by a customer that the suspect ran out a side exit. Police followed fresh foot prints in the snow, but were unable to locate the male. Upon quickly returning to the suspect’s vehicle, police located him sitting in the driver’s seat. He was arrested for Theft Under $5000 (x2), and during this time police observed numerous brand new items inside his vehicle, and he was also charged with Possession of Goods Obtained by Crime. A search of the vehicle incident to arrest resulted in police locating a large amount of illegal drugs, including methamphetamine and cocaine, along with cigarettes not properly marked for sale. The male was additionally charged with a number of Criminal Code and Controlled Drugs & Substances Act offences. He was remanded into custody to appear in Winnipeg Provincial Court on November 17th, 2021.

November 17 – Police were dispatched to a residence regarding a verbal altercation taking place in the front yard involving a male and female. Police attended, assisted in mediating the situation, and the male agreed to spend the night elsewhere.

While monitoring traffic near the intersection of Highway 14 and 15th Street, police observed an eastbound vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed and obtained a reading of 142 km/h in the 100 km/h zone. A traffic stop was conducted and the driver was issued a ticket for Speeding, which carried a $599 fine.

November 20 – While at the intersection of Highway 32 and Roblin Boulevard East, police observed a southbound vehicle travel through the intersection at a high rate of speed without stopping for the red light that was displayed. The vehicle then travelled into the northbound lane and a traffic stop was conducted. The driver was issued tickets for Disobeying a traffic control device, namely a red light ($203), and Driving imprudently ($203).

Police were dispatched to a local store regarding a suspicious male, and while on scene were advised by staff members that the male had exited the store with a cart full of unpaid merchandise. Police recognized the male from previous ongoing theft investigations and were aware that there were several outstanding warrants for his arrest. Police advised the male he was under arrest, at which time he fled on foot. Police apprehended the male and arrested him for Theft Under $5000 (x5), Possession of Goods Obtained by Crime, Resisting Arrest, Breach of a Release Order, and on the strength of his warrants. He was remanded into custody to appear in Winnipeg Provincial Court on November 22nd, 2021.

A report was received regarding a female who was being followed by a vehicle with two unknown males. When the female parked at a gas station, the suspect vehicle stopped following her. She was able to obtain a licence plate number, and this investigation is ongoing.

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