Police Report

July 20 – July 26

The following are some of the files that were opened with the Winkler Police Service during this time period.

July 20 – A resident of 10th Street reported that her vehicle was stolen from her driveway sometime during the night, and a bicycle which did not belong to her was found her in backyard. The stolen vehicle was later located and recovered in a nearby community. This investigation is ongoing.

An abandoned motorcycle was located on a bicycle path near Prairie View Drive and was found to have a group of wires that appeared to be cut. Police located the owner of the motorcycle who advised it had been parked outside her residence and assisted her in bringing it home.

A resident of 8th Street reported that during the night he observed two individuals in his backyard who had scaled the fence. Nothing was noted to be stolen or damaged at the time of the report.

At approximately 11:00 p.m., police were dispatched to an accident involving a vehicle that crashed into a fence at 15th Street and Salem Crescent. Police spoke with the occupants of the vehicle and learned one of the passengers interfered with the driver, causing the accident. All occupants advised there were no injuries, and the passenger at fault was issued a ticket for As a passenger, interfering with view or control of the driving mechanism, which carries a $113 fine.

July 21 – Police observed a vehicle westbound on Highway 14 travelling at a high rate of speed and obtained a reading of 92 km/h in the 60 km/h zone. A traffic stop was conducted and the driver was issued a ticket for Speeding, which carried a $469 fine.

July 22 – A resident of 10th Street reported that his wallet was stolen from inside his unlocked vehicle sometime during the evening of July 19th.

Police observed two males driving an ATV on Roblin Boulevard near Summerfield Drive. The males were given verbal warnings for driving the ATV within city limits and for not wearing helmets, and pushed the ATV back to the owner’s nearby residence.

July 23 – A female reported that she received a phone call from someone claiming to be from Loans Canada offering her a loan in order increase her credit score. For her to receive the loan, the scammer remotely deposited three large cheques into her account, advised her to attend a location in Winnipeg to convert the funds into Bitcoin, and send the Bitcoin to the scammer via a QR code, which she did. She was later contacted by her bank who advised that the cheques had bounced and she was responsible for the withdrawn funds.

Police observed a male who was known to not have a driver’s licence driving a scooter. Police also learned the scooter was not registered, and the male was issued tickets for Driving while disqualified, which carries a $672 fine, and for Driving an unregistered vehicle, which carries a $298 fine. His scooter was also impounded for 210 days due to a prior occurrence of vehicle impoundment within the last five years.

Police received a disclosure of sexual assault that occurred earlier in the evening. The male suspect was arrested for Sexual Assault and remanded into custody to appear in provincial court at a later date.

July 24 – Police were dispatched to the report of yelling coming from inside a residence. Upon speaking with all parties, police learned a verbal argument took place and assisted in mediating the situation.

A complaint was received regarding a verbal dispute that took place after an incident of unsafe driving. Police spoke with the male and issued him a verbal warning for his manner of driving.

July 25 – A resident of Willow Drive reported that his vehicles and utility trailer were egged sometime during the night.

July 26 – Shortly after 1:00 a.m., police observed a vehicle travelling without its tail lights activated and proceeded to conduct a traffic stop. During this time, police noted three passengers in the vehicle and confirmed one of the passengers was under conditions to abide by a curfew. The male was arrested for Failing to Comply with a Release Order and Failing to Comply with an Undertaking, and he was later released by way of a Release Order. The driver of the vehicle was issued a ticket for As a novice driver in the intermediate stage, operating a vehicle between midnight and 5:00 a.m. with more than one passenger but no supervising driver, which carries a fine of $203.

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