Police Report

Files from February 25 – March 17

February 27 – Police received a report of a flatbed trailer that was stolen the previous day from a business on Cargill Road. A different trailer was stolen from this business several days earlier. Through further investigation, police determined a suspect and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

February 28 – A report was received regarding an elderly male who had an internet/phone company install a product in his home. Several days later he received a phone call from someone purporting to be from that same company requesting the male’s credit card and social insurance information. The male initially hung up, but after receiving a second call he provided the requested information. The male cancelled his credit card, and police advised him to utilize a credit monitoring service.

March 3 – A female reported that she was sexually assaulted several hours earlier by a male who is known to her and had sexually assaulted her on a previous occasion. Police located the male and arrested him for Sexual Assault (x2) and Assault Causing Bodily Harm (x2). He was later released on an Undertaking with a court date at Morden Provincial Court.

March 5 – Police received a report of a scam that took place involving a female who was contacted by someone claiming she had won the lottery. She was then advised to purchase a gift card and provide the scammer the code off the back of the card, which she did. Police advised her that the money could not be recovered and provided advice on how to spot a scam.

March 7 – While on patrol, police observed a vehicle travel through a stop sign without stopping. A traffic stop was conducted, at which time police noted the strong odour of liquor emanating from inside the vehicle and observed the driver to be displaying signs of impairment. The 17-year-old male was arrested for Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle and transported to the Winkler Police Service, where he provided two breath samples, both of which resulted in readings of 90 mg%. He was subsequently charged with Driving Over 0.08, along with Disobeying a traffic control device: stop sign, Driving without holding a valid driver’s licence, and As a driver, carrying liquor in a vehicle. He was released once sober by-way of an Undertaking and Provincial Appearance Notice for the provincial offences, his vehicle was seized for 30 days, and he received a three-month driver’s licence suspension.

March 8 – A female reported that she fell victim to a scam after receiving a text from a number claiming to be Canada Post stating that her shipping address was missing, and her package was undeliverable. She proceeded to click on the link and share her address and banking information. She later reported this to her bank, who advised that a suspicious withdrawal was noted, and she should utilize a credit monitoring service.

March 14 – Police received a report of an ad looking for a private house cleaner that was listed on a local website, and the applicant was advised that a cheque would be mailed to her to cover the cost of cleaning supplies. The interaction seemed suspicious, and police advised the complainant that it was likely a scam, and if a cheque was received, not to cash it as she would most likely be out the money. The job listing had since been removed at the time of the report.

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