Police Report

August 10 – August 16

The following are some of the files that were opened with the Winkler Police Service during this time period.



August 11 – While on patrol near 1st Street and Stanley Avenue, police observed the driver of a vehicle spinning his tires and causing them to squeal.   A $237 ticket for making unnecessary noise was issued to the driver.


August 12 – Police were dispatched to a motor vehicle collision at the intersection of Mountain Avenue and 7th Street.  A northbound vehicle on 7th Street stopped at the stop sign but entered the intersection before it was safe and collided with a westbound vehicle.  A ticket was issued to the northbound driver for proceeding before safe to do so.

A complaint was received from a female reporting that she and a friend were being followed by a male in a white Ford pickup truck with lots of chrome on it.  The complainant was unable to obtain the licence plate number and police did not locate the vehicle.


August 13 – A call was received from a female reporting that she had just been followed by the same white Ford pickup truck that had followed her on July 30.  Police were able to locate the vehicle and advised the driver of the consequences of his actions if he were to continue following the complainant.

A $298 ticket was issued to a driver on Main Street for operating an unregistered vehicle.

Police received a report of a broken window on a Bobcat loader parked overnight at the Winkler Elementary School.  This file is still under investigation.

A $548 speeding ticket was issued to a driver for 98 km/h in a 60 zone on Highway #14.

Police received a report of several items stolen from a camper while it was parked on the owner’s driveway earlier in July.  There are no suspects at this time and the file is still under investigation.


August 14 – Police attended the scene of a motor vehicle collision at Muirham Drive and Main Street.  A westbound vehicle on Muirham Drive entered the intersection and collided with a southbound vehicle on Main Street.  Both drivers were assessed and cleared at the scene by paramedics.

Police received a complaint from a local hotel regarding a male that was causing problems with other guests in the pool area.  The male had paid for the previous night but had not yet paid for a second night and hotel staff wanted him removed.  The male was determined to be intoxicated and therefore arrested under the Intoxicated Persons Detention Act.  He remained at the Winkler Police Service until sober.


August 15 – Police responded to a call regarding a male that had overdosed on prescription medication.  The male was assessed by paramedics and transported to Boundary Trails Health Centre for observation.


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