Drug Information

Drugs are a very real concern in every community and ours is no exception. Winkler’s drug problem is growing at an alarming rate, especially as it relates to Meth. Our community must work together to address the problem and seek solutions. Education is a key to helping individuals make the right decisions. It is for that reason that this page has been added to our website.

Are you looking to help a friend? Are you curious about drugs, their effects and symptoms? Are you a parent wishing to educate yourself? Are you a student looking for information for a school project? We have placed a number of links to informative websites below, to assist you in what ever way we can.

Police officers need continuous information to assist them in the fight against drugs. By providing the Winkler Police Service with information, you are doing your part to improve the safety of our community. We will honor any request to have your name kept confidential. Under certain conditions, the Winkler Police Service also pays cash for information leading to the arrest of individuals. You can call the Winkler Police Service at (204) 325-9990. You may also call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-782-8477.

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