Selection Process

At the current time there are no competitions running for the position of Police Officer within the Winkler Police Service.

Advancement through the selection process is dependant upon successfully completing each stage. Additionally, be aware that the application process is a competitive exercise, meaning that your application package, qualifications, and test scores will be examined and measured against that of all other applicants in the process to judge your overall competitiveness for selection.

1. Application Evaluation:
Applications are reviewed to ensure candidates meet the basic requirements and packages are complete. They are then evaluated against one another.

2. Selection of Long List:
Approximately 5 – 15 candidates are chosen to continue the contest. ALL applicants are notified.

3. Work-Related Education Test & Essay
Candidates will be required to participate in a three hour job related examination and essay writing contest. The essay is to be approximately 250 words in length (topic provided at time of writing).

4. Physical Fitness Test:
A high standard of physical fitness is required for employment with the Winkler Police Service. Candidates must successfully complete the Test of Physical Ability (T.O.P.A).

5. Initial Interview

6. Selection of Short List:
Approximately two – six candidates are chosen to continue the contest.

7. Background Investigation:
After a comprehensive background investigation on chosen Short List candidates, ALL Long List candidates are notified. Backgrounding may include further interviews, a polygraph examination, a psychometric assessment, etc.

8. Interview #2:
Applicants may be requested to supply fingerprints at this time.