Getting Started

At the current time there are no competitions running for the position of Police Officer within the Winkler Police Service.

We appreciate your interest and invite you to keep visiting our website for information on when applicant contests may proceed.

Please note that application packages will only be accepted once a contest has been put in motion.

For your convenience the following information is provided for you to learn about the Winkler Police Service and its application procedure.

A Police Career
As a police recruit with the Winkler Police Service you begin your career as a patrol constable, and for the first several years you provide basic police service to the citizens of Winkler. You and your partner are responsible for answering all calls for police service during your shift. Your workday will always provide variety. No one day is exactly the same as the next. From responding to citizens’ complaints to writing traffic tickets, police work is an exercise in perpetual learning. We expect you to make your own decisions in many cases where there are no textbook solutions.

You will abandon any pre-conceived notions you have accrued about police work through glamorized television portrayals of shoot-outs and car chases. Police work is much different from this portrayal and you will discover it is a challenging, rewarding and fulfilling profession. You are given a level of authority, responsibility and community status unsurpassed by most other careers.

Our police officers surpass the “norm” and become part of the community they serve. As you become intimately familiar with neighborhood addresses, individuals and problem areas, you develop long term strategies for resolution. In the Winkler Police Service, we look beyond each individual complaint and try to deal with the real issue as to why the complaints are occurring. As a police officer, you are the analyst examining the problems and the architect behind their resolution.

As your experience progresses, opportunities exist for you to expand your skills and further your personal development. A career in the Winkler Police Service is in reality several careers rolled into one. There is an impressive variety of courses available to officers that include Investigator; Intoxilyzer Technician; Collision Analyst; Hostage Negotiator; Investigative Phased Interviewing and many others.

If you are interested in a career that combines personal fulfillment while contributing to community welfare, the Winkler Police Service is the employer you are looking for.

Great care is taken to ensure that the right people are selected to become members of the Winkler Police Service. Once selected, and you have no previous recognized recruit training, you will enter an extensive recruit training program at a recognized police training academy designed to give you the skills you need to excel in your new career. Upon graduation, you return to serve the citizens of Winkler, and work with the community to make Winkler a better place to live. Tuition for recruit training is provided at no cost by the City of Winkler…a rare benefit. Prior to recruit training, you will be asked to sign a contract which requires you to pay back to the City of Winkler the cost of your training on a four year pro-rated scale, should you decide to leave within the first four years of employment with the Winkler Police Service.

Benefits & Salary
Aside from offering an exciting and rewarding career, the Winkler Police Service provides a generous benefits package including:

  • Paid vacation
  • Paid overtime
  • Professional development courses
  • Medical and dental plans with extended healthcare for you and your immediate family (prescription drugs, optical, etc.)
  • Life and dependent life insurance plans
  • Long term disability
  • Excellent sick leave package
  • Excellent pension plan

Salary: Recruit police officers begin receiving a 5th Class salary. Pay increments occur annually until 1st Class status is reached. Salary increases also take place at 10 and 15 years of service. All such increments are subject to successful completion of all requirements within that Class.

Lateral Entry Policy
Applicants that are presently employed as Canadian Police Officers elsewhere, and have successfully completed recruit training at a major centre in Canada, may be eligible to apply for lateral entry.

To qualify, candidates:

  • Must meet the Winkler Police Service minimum standards;
  • Must submit all required application documents;
  • Are subject to the same selection process as all other applicants;
  • Must be eligible for an honorable discharge from their current place of employment;
  • Non-acceptance for lateral entry does not preclude eligible persons from competing as untrained applicants.

A successful lateral entry candidate:

  • Must attend a six week academic training course (if police recruit training was received outside of Manitoba), followed by a minimum four week field training session. The academic course will be conducted by the Winnipeg Police Service, Assiniboine Community College, or the RCMP, and may commence after employment with Winkler Police Service begins.
  • Must satisfactorily complete a probationary period commencing on employment and ending one year after completion of academic/field training.
  • Is entitled to all benefits as per the Boundary Trails Regional Police Association (Winkler local) collective agreement. All benefits and entitlements (other than salary) and seniority will be based solely on time served with the Winkler Police Service.
  • Must have no major disciplinary convictions during employment as a police officer, and no outstanding internal investigations at the close of the competition.

Salary Level Transfer
Each full year of service with another police organization (not including recruit training time) will be accepted as having completed one Class with the Winkler Police Service.

The selection process for Lateral Entry Candidates will require traveling to Winkler on several occasions. All travel and relocation costs will be the responsibility of the applicant.

Decisions as to the eligibility of lateral applicants will be made by the City of Winkler Manager and the Chief of Police. No appeals will be heard.

This is an open contest and although previous training and experience are an asset, it will not necessarily guarantee placement above an untrained applicant in the selection process.

Wording in the Official Application Package overrides any possible inconsistencies on these website pages.