Required Application Documents

At the current time there are no competitions running for the position of Police Officer within the Winkler Police Service.

The Winkler Police Service selection process is an open competition that results in the best candidate(s) being offered employment. Be aware that all phases of the selection process are a competitive process. You are not only competing against the minimum standards but also against every applicant in the process. To initiate the selection process, you must complete and include all the following documents.

1. Application for Engagement Form:
This form must be completed in full, ensuring that you have dated and signed it.

2. Personal Resume:
Here you may include more information about yourself if you desire, and include additional detail on things not covered in the application form, such as job descriptions and related skills, etc. A minimum of three character reference letters are a mandatory requirement.

3. Photocopy of Birth Certificate OR Proof of Citizenship

4. Photocopy of Grade XII or G.E.D. Diploma and marks:
Include a photocopy of transcript of Grade XII or G.E.D. marks.

5. Drivers Abstract:
An original driver’s abstract obtained from the Motor Vehicles Branch office(s) dated not more than one month before the date of this application from each province in which the person holds/held a driver’s licence within the past five years. Fees may vary depending upon the agency. Must have an acceptable driving record.

6. Vision Report:
An ophthalmologist or optometrist must complete this Vision Report. To facilitate the Optical Examination, contact lenses must not be worn for a 48-hour period prior to the examination.  This Vision Report must be current to within one year of this package deadline date.

7. Medical Clearance Form:
A doctor, providing consent that you are medically fit to participate in the Physical Fitness evaluation must complete this form.

8. Informed Consent Form

9. Authorization Form

10. For Lateral Entry Requests:
Copy of document outlining training received during the course of employment as a police officer including recruit training.

Applications that do not contain all of the above will be considered incomplete and will not be accepted. Related costs will be incurred by the applicant.

Completed applications should be either mailed or hand delivered to the following address:

Winkler Police Service
Applicant Contest
185 Main Street
Winkler, MB R6W 1B4

Questions can be answered by calling the Winkler Police Service administration phone line at (204) 325-0829, Mon. – Fri., between 08:30 and 16:00 hours.

Wording in the Official Application Package overrides any possible inconsistencies on these website pages.