Police Report

October 29 – November 4

The following are some of the files that were opened with the Winkler Police Service during this time period.

October 29 – A complaint was received of graffiti found on a fence outside an apartment complex on Park Street. An abandoned bicycle was also located in the area which had been reported stolen the week prior, and was subsequently returned to its owner.

Police were dispatched to a local grocery store regarding a 16 year old female who was under conditions to not attend the store. The female was arrested for Breaching an Undertaking and later released on a Promise to Appear.

October 30 – A scooter was reported stolen from the front entrance of the Winkler Centennial Library. The stolen scooter was found returned to the library later that evening, and returned to its owner the following day.

October 31 – Police received a report of theft that occurred on October 25th from a gas station convenience store involving several individuals. Police reviewed the video surveillance and recognized the suspects, two of whom will be served store banishment notices along with summons to appear in Provincial Court for theft charges.

A male reported that he was assaulted at a residence on Main Street South by a friend of his ex-girlfriend. The complainant declined to press charges in this incident.

November 2 – A report was received of a vehicle that was vandalized while parked at the owner’s place of work. The damage consisted of scratches on the doors and sunroof of the vehicle. The complainant advised a similar incident also occurred this past summer.

Police were dispatched to a residence on Main Street South regarding an attempted assault with a weapon involving several individuals. Police assisted in mediating the situation and all parties advised they did not wish to press charges.

Police received a report of a vehicle failing to stop for a pedestrian using the pedestrian corridor to cross Main Street at Stanley Avenue on October 31st. The complainant did not wish to provide a statement, therefore police issued the driver of the vehicle a written warning for Failing to Yield Right of Way to a Pedestrian.

A resident of Challenger Crescent reported that his locked vehicle was stolen from his driveway sometime during the night. A nearby neighbor advised police that he found damage on his vehicle consistent with someone attempting to unlawfully gain entry. The stolen vehicle was later located near Cargill Road. This file is still under investigation.

November 3 – A 15 year old female reported that she was assaulted by another 15 year old female while at a public park. This file is still under investigation.

The owner of a store located on Norquay Drive reported that there was an attempted Break & Enter to his business, however entry was not gained to the building. This investigation is ongoing.

A resident of Cedar Avenue reported an attempted Break & Enter to his residence that occurred sometime during the night. The homeowner advised that entry was not gained to the residence.

Police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle and arrested the 26 year old male passenger, a resident of Reinfeld, on the strength of a warrant. The male was remanded into custody to appear in Provincial Court on November 5th, 2018.

A complaint was received of a resident of 1st Street burning leaves in her backyard causing large billows of smoke. Police attended, advised the female of the Burn by-law, and the female extinguished the fire.

During the month of October, officers not on regularly scheduled shifts conducted a Manitoba Public Insurance Distracted Driving Campaign in the City of Winkler. Officers patrolled the city keeping an eye out for cellphone use while driving and other infractions. As a result of the campaign, 27 tickets were issued, 24 of which were for using a cellphone or electronic device while driving. The Winkler Police Service would like to remind citizens that new Distracted Driving Legislation recently came into effect. As of November 1st anyone receiving a ticket for using a cellphone while driving will also receive a licence suspension. For further details, please visit our website at www.winklerpolice.ca.

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