Police Report

December 17 – January 6

The following are some of the files that were opened with the Winkler Police Service during this time period.

December 18 – Police received a report of theft that occurred on December 13th involving a male who stole several items from inside a company vehicle. When the male suspect was confronted by an employee he returned several of the stolen items but denied stealing any other property. The 19 year old male later attended the Winkler Police Service, was arrested for Theft Under $5000 and released on a Promise to Appear with conditions.

December 20 – Staff of a local business reported that a truck and trailer were stolen from the business’s property located on Canada Street sometime during the night. The stolen truck and trailer were later located stuck in a ditch at a rural location. This file is still under investigation.

Police received a report of suspected fraud from a female who was involved with a male over the internet. The male requested that the female open several bank accounts at different banking institutions and send the newly acquired debit cards to the male. The male then proceeded to deposit a large sum of money into one of the bank accounts and requested the female transfer the money to the other newly opened accounts, which the female agreed to do. The money was then withdrawn from the accounts. The female was alerted by one of the banking institutions of the suspected fraudulent activity and she cancelled her accounts.

December 21 – A female reported that she lost a large amount of money after being defrauded by a male she met online. The male initially requested the female purchase iTunes cards and forward him the card numbers so he could access the funds to pay his cellphone bill. Several days later, upon the male’s request the female provided the male with all her banking information and sent him a large sum of cash. The male then began depositing cheques into the female’s account and requested her to e-transfer the funds to another account, which she agreed to do. Soon after, the male deposited another large cheque into the female’s account and requested she withdraw the money and deposit the funds into an account at another bank, however the bank did not allow the female to withdraw the funds.

December 22 – A resident of 6th Street reported that someone entered his unlocked garage, rummaged through his vehicle and stole an extension cord.

December 23 – Police were dispatched to a residence regarding a highly intoxicated male who was causing a disturbance. Police located the male outside the residence, arrested him under the Intoxicated Persons Detention Act, and released him once sober.

December 26 – A male reported that while on the internet he allowed access to his computer for a diagnostic scan, which he paid for via credit card. The following day the fraudster called the male and advised him he was eligible for a monetary gift to be used for future computer issues, and the male provided his banking information for the deposit of the funds. The fraudster then proceeded to deposit a much larger amount than originally stated and requested that the male repay the fraudster with iTunes cards. The male purchased a large amount of iTunes cards and provided the card numbers to the fraudster. Afterward the male realized he had been defrauded and also learned the fraudster had made unauthorized purchases using his credit card number. The male was advised to contact his banking institution and have his computer serviced by a qualified technician.

Staff of a local store reported that a male left the store with a shopping cart filled with merchandise for which he did not pay. A staff member followed the suspect out of the store and took hold of the shopping cart, at which time the suspect proceeded to push the cart causing it to tip over and land on the staff member. The male then fled the scene in an awaiting vehicle. This investigation is ongoing.

December 28 – Police were dispatched to an alarm at a business located on Triple E Boulevard. It was discovered that entry was unlawfully gained to the building and a large amount of merchandise was stolen. This file is still under investigation.

December 29 – While on patrol police observed a vehicle travelling without a rear licence plate and conducted a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle admitted to police that his driver’s licence was suspended, and police also learned the vehicle was unregistered. The driver of the vehicle, a 40 year old male, was arrested for Driving While Disqualified, and a search of the male revealed he was in possession of one gram of methamphetamine. The male was arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine and transported to the Winkler Police Service where he was later released on a Promise to Appear with conditions, along with an Appearance Notice for Driving While Disqualified and Driving an Unregistered Vehicle.

Police were on patrol near Main Street South and Peters Avenue when they observed a female walking into traffic. Police stopped and spoke with the female who advised that she had consumed a large amount of liquor and was unable to find her way home. Police determined the female was unable to care for herself, arrested her under the Intoxicated Persons Detention Act, and lodged her until sober.

December 31 – Police were dispatched to a residence after a female reported that her husband was intoxicated and causing a disturbance inside the home. Police attended the residence, arrested the male for Mischief and transported him to the Winkler Police Service. The complainant did not wish to proceed with charges, and the male was lodged under the Intoxicated Persons Detention Act until he was later released to a family member.

January 2 – While off duty a member of the Winkler Police Service observed a vehicle that was believed to be involved in a recent theft. On-duty members were notified and upon querying the vehicle’s licence plate learned it was not registered to the suspect vehicle. Police attempted to conduct a traffic stop however the driver of the suspect vehicle refused to stop. Police pursued the vehicle outside of Winkler, and the Morden Police Service assisted in stopping the vehicle by deploying a spike strip. Police conducted a high-risk traffic stop, and the driver initially refused to exit the vehicle and attempted to drive away, but then stopped and exited the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle, a 29 year old male, was arrested for numerous offences including Methamphetamine Trafficking, Possession of Methamphetamine, Flight from Police, Resisting Arrest, Possession of Goods Obtained by Crime (x4), and Theft from a Motor Vehicle. The accused was remanded into custody to appear in Provincial Court.

January 4 – A male reported an attempted fraud that had occurred involving an individual he had communicated with via Twitter. The suspect requested that the male purchase Google Play cards and forward the card numbers to the suspect, with a portion of the funds to be deposited into the male’s bank account. The male provided his banking information to the suspect and purchased the cards, but did not forward any of the card numbers to the suspect after becoming suspicious of the request, and notified his bank of his compromised account.

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