Police Report

August 26 – September 8

The following are some of the files that were opened with the Winkler Police Service during this time period.

August 27 – Loss prevention personnel of a local store reported that they had an adult female in custody for shoplifting and requested police to attend. Police learned that the female attempted to leave the store without paying for merchandise. The female was released without charges on a written caution.

A complaint was received regarding several male youths who were seen entering a building after business hours. Two of the three males were then seen fleeing the area upon police arrival. Police located one of the males who admitted to playing inside the building. Police contacted the other males’ mother, who brought the males back to the building to speak with police. Police confirmed that there was no damage to the building, and verbally warned the males for trespassing and break and entering.

August 28 – A resident of Durum Crescent reported that his wallet and several gift cards were stolen from his vehicle sometime during the night. The male’s wallet was later located at a separate location, and he learned that his debit card was used to make several unauthorized purchases during the night. This file is still under investigation.

The owner of a local business reported that a large amount of copper wire was stolen from the business’s property during the night of August 14th.

During a traffic stop, police located approximately half a pound of marihuana and evidence of marihuana distribution. Two males were subsequently arrested for Possession of Cannabis for the Purpose of Distribution and the males were each released on a Promise to Appear with conditions.

August 29 – Staff of a local business reported a fraud that occurred on May 31st. Police were advised that the business received a sales request from a resident of Ontario who wished to purchase a large amount of merchandise and have it shipped to British Columbia. The business proceeded with the transaction and shipped the items as requested. The business later learned that the credit card payment was disputed, and the business is out the total of the items.

While attempting to conduct a traffic stop, the suspect vehicle briefly evaded police. The vehicle then came to a stop on the wrong side of the road, at which time both occupants immediately exited the vehicle and began walking away from police. The individuals eventually stopped and upon speaking with the driver police noted the odour of liquor on her breath. The female complied to a demand for a breath sample which resulted in a “Warn” reading. She was issued a 72 hour driver’s licence suspension and the vehicle was picked up by a friend.

August 30 – Police received a report of a vehicle that was stolen from a residence on Crocus Bay the previous evening and located in another jurisdiction in the morning. The vehicle was returned to its owner.

A noise complaint was received regarding loud music that could be heard coming from a residence on Stonegate Drive. Police spoke with the tenant who advised that he and his guests were listening to music on the driveway but would now go inside and keep the noise down.

August 31 – At approximately 4:40 a.m., police were dispatched to the report of a fight on a parking lot involving several individuals. Police were then advised that the fight was over and all individuals had departed the area. Police contacted the victim who advised that he was assaulted by a male known to him, but did not wish to press charges.

A female reported that her wallet was stolen from her unlocked vehicle while parked on 14th Street and she later learned that several unauthorized transactions were made with her debit and credit cards. This investigation is ongoing.

September 1 – Police received a disclosure of a sexual assault that had just taken place. Police later located the male suspect, arrested him for Sexual Assault and released him on a Promise to Appear with conditions.

September 3 – A female reported that several years earlier she sent intimate images of herself through social media to an unknown male and he was now threatening to release them. This file is still under investigation.

A complaint was received regarding a male who was stumbling along the sidewalk on Main Street and cursing at people. Police located the male, determined he was sober, and verbally cautioned him for causing a disturbance in public.

A complaint was received from a female who advised that her adult brother was not welcome inside the residence and was banging on the door trying to get inside. Police attended and assisted in mediating the situation.

An elderly male reported that he was the victim of a fraud involving an online company who agreed to refund him a set amount of money. The company then fraudulently refunded the male an amount much larger than originally discussed and requested the difference to be paid back through Google Play and iTunes gift cards. The male proceeded to send a large amount of money to the fraudsters, and was not able to recoup any of the money.

September 4 – While on patrol, police observed two vehicles travelling next to each other on Main Street. One of the vehicles suddenly accelerated at a high rate of speed, causing the engine to rev loudly. Police conducted a traffic stop and issued the driver of the vehicle a ticket for Making unnecessary noise, namely revving the engine.

September 5 –Shortly before 12:00 a.m., a complaint was received regarding fireworks that were being set off in a public park. Police attended and learned that the suspect had just departed the area. Police located the suspect and advised him of the by-law prohibiting the use of fireworks unless specially authorized.

September 6 – Police were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Highway 14 and 15th Street. Police learned that a northbound vehicle proceeded through the intersection on a red light and was struck by a westbound vehicle. The driver and passenger of the northbound vehicle were transported to the hospital with injuries, and the driver of the northbound vehicle was issued a ticket for Proceeding before safe to do so.

September 7 – A resident of 10th Street reported that her vehicle was egged while parked on her driveway. Police spoke with four males who were seen in the nearby area and all males denied any involvement in the incident.

Police were conducting a Manitoba Public Insurance sponsored checkstop at which time a male driver was waved through. The male proceeded to accelerate through at a high rate of speed, nearly striking an officer in the roadway. The driver later drove to the checkstop again at which time he was issued a ticket for Driving imprudently.

September 8 – At approximately 12:30 a.m., police observed an intoxicated male walking along Main Street. Police learned the male was under conditions to abstain from the consumption of alcohol and arrested him for Breaching an Undertaking. The male was later released on a Promise to Appear.

While on patrol, police observed a damaged vehicle parked at an angle on 3rd Street South. Police determined that the vehicle was likely parked legally and struck by another vehicle. This investigation is ongoing.

During this time period, police received numerous reports of break and enters that occurred to unlocked vehicles, along with several reports of stolen bicycles. Police would like to remind citizens to keep their vehicles and bicycles locked, and to not keep valuables visible inside their vehicles at any time.

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