Police Report

April 1 – April 7

The following are some of the files that were opened with the Winkler Police Service during this time period.

April 1 – At approximately 12:30 a.m. a female reported that she had been sexually assaulted by a male known to her. The 37 year old male was arrested for Sexual Assault, Assault with a Weapon and Administering a Noxious Thing. The male was later released on a Promise to Appear with conditions.

A female reported that while parked near Main Street her wallet and cigarettes were stolen from her unlocked vehicle.

April 2 – Police received a report of two males who appeared to be fighting on a public parking lot. Police attended and spoke with both males who admitted to briefly pushing each other. Police issued verbal warnings to both males for causing a disturbance and one of the males agreed to leave the area.

April 3 – A report was received regarding a utility trailer located near Cargill Road that was broken into on April 1st and again on April 3rd. Several items were found to be stolen from inside the trailer.

April 4 – At approximately 1:15 a.m. police conducted a traffic stop and upon speaking with the driver of the vehicle noted the odour of liquor on his breath. An open bottle of liquor was also observed inside the vehicle near the driver. Police conducted a Standardized Field Sobriety Test on the driver and determined that his ability to operate a vehicle was not impaired by alcohol or a drug. The 20 year old male was released with a ticket for Carrying Liquor in a Vehicle.

A complaint was received regarding a suspicious male who was observed watching two young boys from his vehicle. The male suspect then exited his vehicle and approached the young males, who immediately left the area and reported the incident to an adult. Police patrolled the area but were unable to locate the suspect.

While on patrol police observed a vehicle without any licence plates travelling on George Avenue. Police conducted a traffic stop and learned the vehicle was unregistered and the male’s driver’s licence was expired. The 30 year old male was issued tickets for Driving an unregistered vehicle and Driving without holding a valid driver’s licence.

Police received a report of a driver who appeared to be passed out inside a vehicle on 1st Street. Police attended and learned that a civilian had stopped to assist the unresponsive driver, during which time the vehicle started moving forward. Another civilian driving past observed the situation, drove in front of the vehicle and slowly applied the brakes which brought the vehicle to a stop. The civilians then proceeded to break the driver’s window to assist the male, as he appeared to be in medical distress. Police arrived on scene and assisted paramedics in transporting the male to the ambulance because he had extreme difficulty walking under his own power. The male was then transported to the hospital for medical assessment. This investigation is ongoing as police await blood test results which will determine if the male will face impaired driving charges.

April 5 – A report was received regarding two female youths who had been sexually assaulted by a male youth known to them. This file is still under investigation.

April 6 – Police received a complaint of a suspected impaired driver travelling on Highway 14. Police located the suspect vehicle on Eastview Drive and observed the vehicle to be travelling in the middle of the road and then turn into the wrong lane of Monticello Way. Police conducted a traffic stop and noted the male driver to have slurred speech and the strong odour of liquor emanating from his breath. The 23 year old male was arrested for Driving While Impaired and transported to the Winkler Police Service, where he provided two breath samples resulting in readings of 210 mg% and 190 mg%. The male’s driver’s licence was suspended, his vehicle was impounded, and he was released to a sober adult on a Promise to Appear with conditions.

April 7 – Police observed a suspicious vehicle travelling in the area of Gemstone Drive which appeared to be attempting to evade police. The vehicle came to a stop in front of an apartment complex and police observed the passenger of the vehicle toss a bottle of liquor out the door. While speaking with the driver police noted the odour of liquor on his breath. The 22 year old male driver complied to a demand for a breath sample which resulted in a “Warn” reading, and he was issued a 72 hours driver’s licence suspension. Both occupants were given verbal warnings for carrying open liquor in a vehicle and attempting to evade police when emergency lights were activated.

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