Community Safety Officer

The City of Winkler Community Safety Officer (CSO) is a municipal employee with peace officer status. While not a police officer, the CSO is permitted to enforce the following specific provincial statutes:

  • Highway Traffic Act (Pedestrians and Bicycle related only)
  • Off-Road Vehicles Act
  • Liquor and Gaming Act
  • Intoxicated Persons Detention Act
  • Mental Health Act
  • Child Services Act

What does the Winkler Community Safety Officer Do?
The Community Safety Officers is responsible for:

  • Connecting people in need with the resources available within the community
  • Provide help to people in vulnerable situations
  • Liaise with the Community Care Initiative and other social service providers in the City of Winkler
  • Engage with the public to address any questions or safety concerns
  • Pedestrian and bicycle safety
  • Assisting the Winkler Police Service in non-criminal matters and assisting with crime prevention strategies and initiatives
  • Patrolling the community to deter crime and maintain a visible presence in the community
  • Being available to assist in promoting safety at schools
  • The enforcement of City of Winkler By-Laws

Contact the Community Safety Officer
If you have any questions about the Community Safety Officer program, or if you want to speak with the Community Safety Officer, please contact:

Kenton Hoeppner
(204) 325-9524