Brooklyn Klassen

Year of birth: 1998

Wanted for: Assault with a Weapon, Aggravated Assault

Carl Penner

Year of birth: 1992

Wanted for: Breach Recognizance

Cole Mowatt

Year of birth: 1983

Wanted for: Use Stolen Credit Card Data, Mischief Over $5000, Theft Under $5000, Breaches

Dylan Strykiwsky

Year of birth: 1994

Wanted for: Operate Motor Vehicle While Disqualified, Fail to Comply (x2)

Edward Altman

Year of birth: 1996

Wanted for: Utter Threats

Gottfried Ortiz

Year of birth: 1980

Wanted for: Theft Under $5000

Jean McKay

Year of birth: 1971

Wanted for: Theft Under $5000

Jon Baptiste

Year of birth: 1989

Wanted for: Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Breach Undertaking (x2), Resist Arrest (x3), Forcible Confinement, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Utter Threats

Lonny Chudrick

Year of birth: 1996

Wanted for: Theft Under $5000

Maximillian Brierley

Year of birth: 1989

Wanted for: Use Stolen Credit Card, Breach Probation

Pamela Racette

Year of birth: 1991

Wanted for: Theft Under $5000 (x2), Possess Property Attained by Crime, Fail to Attend Court (x3), Fail to Appear - Ident (x2)

Pedro Fehr

Year of birth: 1995

Wanted for: Drive Impaired, Drive Over .08, Possess Cannabis, Breach Undertaking

Richard Milner

Year of birth: 1990

Wanted for: Fraud Under $5000

Robert Bradley

Year of birth: 1972

Wanted for: Fraud

Samantha Smoke

Year of birth: 1982

Wanted for: Fail to Attend Court as a Witness

Shawn Bouchard

Year of birth: 1976

Wanted for: Fraud Under $5000

Tony Villarico

Year of birth: 1965

Wanted for: Sexual Assault, Sexual Interference