Motorized Scooter Tips

With the arrival of warmer temperatures, we can expect the return of persons using motorized mobility aids for travel around town. These are commonly referred to as mobility scooters and are typically a four-wheeled device used by elderly persons or anyone with limited physical mobility. We would like to provide some helpful information not only to the persons using these devices but also to everyone else who shares the roadway with them.

Persons operating a motorized mobility aid should be following the same rules as a pedestrian and not the rules of a motor vehicle. Mobility aids are not intended to be used on the roadway but rather on the sidewalk. However, if a sidewalk is not provided or is not passable then they are allowed to travel on the shoulder of the roadway but must return to the sidewalk at the earliest opportunity. Mobility aids should not be occupying a lane of travel intended for a motor vehicle and when crossing roadways should use the same rules and precautions as a pedestrian.

If someone you know, whether it be a family member or friend, rides a motorized mobility aid please make sure they are aware of the rules regarding their safe use. Here is a link to a Manitoba Public Insurance information page for the safe use of motorized mobility aids: